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With our one-of-a-kind online tax preparation services, we can transform the dreams of entrepreneurs into an achievable reality. We work right beside our clients to fulfill every single one of their needs. Through the use of our custom tailored services, our clients will be able to be effectively guided from the beginning to the end of your financial journey. When we work with our clients, a relationship is formed that is based on trust, loyalty, and a dedication to exceeding your expectations.

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Small Business Tax Just Got Easier!

Eliminate the need for a visit to an office when you make use of our convenient online tax services. No longer will you have to rely on carrying out a lengthy process in order to file your yearly taxes. We allow you to get this task completed at whatever time or place you desire so that it is taken care of in a manner formed around your needs.

Simply upload your documents and our professional experts will begin doing their jobs. We know how busy the lives of those who run small businesses can be. From dealing with customers, to inventory, to employees it is a job that is filled with unexpected situations and obstacles. Our company allows you to focus on the aspects of the job that matter without having to worry about your taxes.

For many people, even the thought of taxes brings about feelings of stress and frustration that distract from our normal responsibilities. From filing personal to business taxes, the procedure as a whole is one that is accompanied by confusing language and tasks that must be completed which can leave you feeling lost. We want to help take this weight off of your shoulders. Many have misinformation that leads them to believe that there is no simple way around completing this annual hassle; however, this is simply not true.

With our platform, the struggles that come with filing taxes disappear.

Your business taxes can be done quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

To achieve this, we aid our clients in filing their taxes right online. When taxes are filled online, you can see a myriad of benefits immediately. We cut down the resources that need to be expedited by your company so that they can be focused on the characteristics of a business that will help it grow and become successful. Depending on your needs, we modify the services we offer to provide you with as little or much of our help that you desire.

A+ Customer service

We are committed to completing tasks for our clients in a manner that has a foundation in exceptional customer service. Our team will stop at no end to make sure that any of your questions or concerns will be answered so that you are fully informed. We elevate this service by making sure that we do more than just file taxes but also give helpful advice that will improve your operations in the future.

Small business success

Here at Accounting Jet, we focus on the development of small businesses specifically. We know what these companies have to deal with which gives us the ability to develop tax solutions that work. In addition to this, we provide our clients with the resources they need to enhance themselves to their desired level of success.

Certified experts

Each of the processes that we implement are carried out by a team of certified experts who have years of experience. This background that we have enables us to provide top quality tax services that our clients can always trust.

We help small businesses of all shapes and sizes with their tax returns

S corporations

S corporations are legal facilities that are entirely separate from the original owner. These types of corporations are pass-through ones which means that they are not double taxed compared to others which provide a great benefit.

C corporations

Unlike S corporations, these entities are required to pay double taxes due to the presence of taxes that are put onto the company’s income as well as the personal assets of the owner; however, they can be beneficial in terms of developing businesses looking for a way to offer shares to their investors.

General partnerships

This type of partnership allows for the division of shared assets and liabilities that are based on the specific percentage that is owned. It treats both businesses and owners in the same manner which can be great, if completed correctly, when tax season rolls around.

How It Works

Upload documents with your phone

Begin by taking clear pictures of the documents that are required. After all of your photos have been taken, you can upload them instantly from wherever you are.

Direct message with a tax expert

Take part in a consultation period with our direct messaging system that allows you to get answers to any questions you may have straight from one of our professional tax experts.

Access your documents at anytime

All of your documents will be compiled into one convenient location so that you have the ability to access them with ease whenever you need.

Security At Every Step

We have put strict security measures in place that guarantee the safety of all of our client’s personal information. Because of this, you never have to worry about losing any of your files or having them taken by an outside source.

When clients choose us they receive:

  • Exceptional customer service: Any questions or concerns you have can be answered by one of our friendly customer service representatives. We are dedicated to doing everything within our power to provide you with the best experience so that you are satisfied with our assistance.
  • Expert resources: Our company is certified in order to ensure that we are a verified source of service that can use our expertise to enhance the companies of our clients. Each of our team members have years of experience along with registered credentials that guarantee high quality provisions.
  • Time-efficiency: We strive to perform in a way that is rooted in efficiency so that you can receive what you need in a timely manner. Regardless of the size of your task, we will work our hardest to produce what you need as quickly as possible. Along with this, whenever you reach out to one of our customer service representatives, you can trust that we will be with you in no time to help guide you.
  • Fair rates: We are here to help develop your company, not slow you down. Because of this, we are focused on providing our services with the most affordable prices we can offer so that any small business can access the resources they need to become successful.

Perks of our Services

Convenience of filing taxes online

In the past, filing taxes has been a lengthy process with many different components. Getting everything together, taking time out of your busy work schedule, then having to set up an appointment and meet with a tax specialist all were part of getting this task completed! This is simply not something that can be done when trying to operate a small business. With our services, you can complete this process at your own leisure in a manner that optimizes convenience. We organize documents, collect data, then assist in filing your taxes at your own pace so that you control the process.

Accuracy of filing taxes

If taxes are not filed correctly, you could land yourself in a serious situation that brings about a multitude of issues. When you use our services, the presence of error is practically eliminated due to the safeguarding of the web-based platform. As long as you submit accurate information, you will not have to worry about any problems coming your way.

More money for your tax refund

Although filing taxes is a hassle, there is one major benefit that relieves some of the struggle: the refund. We are able to give you the opportunity of an even larger payout for your refund by working to save you the most money with our system. When clients make use of our services, they have access to a platform that locates deductions and tax breaks that can be used in their favor so that they benefit in the long run.

Electronic records of tax funds

To make sure that you are protected against any errors, it is a good idea to save your tax files for up to seven years. This can be difficult to achieve on your own, however, when filing them online they are automatically archived for your use. Due to this feature, you are able to securely save as many files as you’d like without having to keep up with them in person or taking up physical space.

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